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The inexplicable silence of God

Suzanna Joseph

We long to know God’s plan for our lives. We dream of the day when God reveals his plan to us, romanticizing the dramatic call and our brave “yes”. These dreams come from our desires to be chosen and wanted. We need to know that we have a purpose, and we are anxious to find out what it is.

Likewise, Mary knew that God had a plan for her. In her patience and gentleness, Mary trusted in the Lord’s perfect timing. She probably never expected that he would reveal his will through an angel, and she probably never dreamed of being the Mother of God. Regardless Mary didn’t just say yes, she said “let it be done”. She accepted God’s plan for her completely, wholeheartedly, and without reserving anything.

Let us contemplate and imitate Mary this Christmas. First, we wholeheartedly submit to the fact “God has a plan for me”. This also entails that whatever we have been planning for ourselves, must be abandoned. This act of surrender shows to God that we are letting him take complete control of our lives.

Next, we have to be “patient and gentle”, this means believing in “God’s timing” and not following our own schedule.

Then comes to expect the unexpected “…she probably never dreamed of being the Mother of God”. When you surrender completely, you have to give in, knowing that God works in unpredictable ways you must be open-minded to his will.

Last of all “…Mary didn’t just say yes, she said “let it be done”, this is where your faith surmounts all doubt. And courage must take place. This is why we don’t just submit instead we submit wholeheartedly, in other words submitting without any reservations.

At this point some of us might be thinking ‘I have tried in vain to hear God, but he remains silent.’

Dear friend it’s difficult to hear God calling us when we’re preoccupied by what we own. Our materialistic nature tends to distract us from God and our relationship with him. Fortunately, we can curb our cupidity by simple living. As we take on simple living and empty our lives of clutter, we have more space for God. When we’re feeling empty, instead of wanting more stuff, we can emulate Mary. Hence, we remain open to God so that we listen to and be receptive of his plans for us.

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