Catholics in Pakistan

A Prayer for protection and healing from Coronavirus

We the team members of Catholics in Pakistan along with all our members ask you to join us in praying for all those who are affected with the Corona Virus.

Please read Psalm 91.

Heavenly Father we ask you to cleanse the air, the sea, the rivers, the lakes, the atmosphere, the climate, the soil, the earth, the land, the ocean the sky and all living creatures great and small. Stretch out your powerful hand and heal us from all our infirmities, our sickness, our diseases, all viruses. Remove all bacteria, poison and infections from our body, heart, mind, soul and spirit. The Corona virus has been transmitted onto many and is now spreading rapidly throughout the world. This virus has killed and has isolated thousands of people throughout the world.

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People are living in fear. Many have forgotten your word and your truth. Isaiah 53:5 states “He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him and by his wounds we are healed therefore I do not fear I know there is nothing that you do not know, that you do not see everything that comes to pass here on earth you have already foreseen, your word is fulfilled, it holds heavenly power and will come into all its glory, miracles will be given to those who believe in you.” It is written in Exodus 15:26 “I am the Lord who heals you.”
We believe you are the maker of heaven and earth, you have the power to wash away this disease and virus which is holding your people.
Heavenly Father, we plead you through the precious blood of Jesus, the holy water, the holy Oils and the Holy salts that came from the wounds of his holy sacred body to protect us, your children.
We pray especially for the elderly and children.
Jesus , have mercy on all who have broken the Commandments, who have turned away from your laws. God of Heaven and Earth stretch out your hand and pour out your blessings upon us all, bring down from Heaven the signs and wonders of your Glory; free us, heal us; deliver us all I pray, in the name of Jesus. AMEN.

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