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Archdiocese of Lahore

Archdiocese of Lahore welcomes FIVE new Catechists

Lahore (Suzanna Joseph): Amid dark times of the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, 5 newly appointed catechists, offer elusive rays of hope. As Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw celebrated a Eucharistic Mass, along with catechist commission, Fr. Mushatq Piyara and Fr. Samson Dilawar, on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

The five catechists; Babu Salvanas Ayub, Babu Usman Ashraf, Babu Shafqat Samuel, Babu Sanwal Mushtaq and Babu Kamran had completed 3 years of diploma and training from the Catechist Training Center ‘Khushpur’. Archbishop welcomed and blessed them, the knowledge they had gained and their families. He felt proud that they had overcome all difficulties and prayed that they may serve with complete devotion.

First reading was taken from the book of Micah (7:4-15, 18-20) and then the Gospel reading from the book of Matthew (12:46-50)

Complete text of Bishop’s Homily:

Friends in Micah’s reading we notice how the prophet gathers God’s lost sheep. Prophet tells the crowd that God loves everyone. He is present even if we are not. Our God is incomparable, He forgives us and loves us unconditionally. We read that the people then turn towards the prophet’s words and realize that God is God. He tells them ‘We follow idols and traditions yet God forgives, for he is patient.’ So the people begged God that their sins be forgiven and thrown into the ocean depths. They dedicated themselves to the Lord and promised from that moment onwards they would lead a pure life. Micah evangelized when people were not willing to listen to God’s word. God encourages Micah to preach to the mountains, if people were not willing, his voice would echo through the mountains and someone might listen. Today our newly appointed catechists are going to face the same challenge as the prophet Micah. We sometimes think we put in so much effort and yet there is little or no return, but I ask you not to be disappointed. We must evangelize regardless of the result. We must enlighten people towards Catholicism and let God make our efforts fruitful. I pray that you all remain consistent in faith.”

Saint Anthony’s Novena and Eucharistic celebration followed Archbishop’s Homily.

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