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Archdiocese of Lahore will observe “Fasting” from 2nd March till 6th March, Archbishop Shaw

Lahore (Suzanna Joseph): Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw announced that Archdiocese of Lahore will observe special fasting from 2nd March till 6th March for Covid-19. He said in a video messaged released on Sunday, March 01, 2020. The complete text of Archbishop’s speech is;

“My dear brothers and sisters when we appreciate our mother earth we come to realize how God has given us countless blessings. Just as God blessed Adam and Eve with the Garden of Eden similarly he has blessed us with many things.

However, sometimes man creates weapons of self-destruction and begins to compete with God. So God, our loving Father, calls us to reconcile with him. To acknowledge and follow him, once again.

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Recently we have been talking about corona virus outbreak. This has caused fear and anxiety among us as scientist have been unable to develop a vaccine for it, so far.

Friends, we depend solely on God, the creator of all things. So in this moment of havoc I request you all to fast and pray earnestly to God our savior. Just as Esther prayed and fasted when she was alone and God answered her prayers. We too must pray for our scientists that they may be able to prevent and control coronavirus.

On behalf of the Archdiocese of Lahore, from 2nd March till 6th March, we all will observe fasting specifically for this cause.”

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