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Arzoo Raja Case

Arzoo Raja Case Updates: Arzoo groomed for child abuse

Suzanna Joseph

A challan is the investigation report submitted by police officers after carrying out an investigation. It entails the crimes committed and their applications.

Unfortunately, in Arzoo Raja’s case only two offenses have been filed. Child Marriage and Rape, abduction was deducted. After arguing for three and a half hours the learned judge patiently heard all the points that were put forth, and the addition of the following sections has been requested.

Firstly, Azhar had influenced Arzoo for a year and a half under false pretense of friendship and courtship. Whereas it was an attempt to seduce the child for abuse.

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Secondly, Section 292 A. Exposure to seduction- whoever seduces a child by any means whatsoever with an intent to involve in any sexual activity shall be punished with fine and imprisonment.

Thirdly, addition of Section 364 A, Federal Shariat Court states that kidnapping is not just kidnapping by force it also entails seduced kidnapping. That is brainwashing a child to elope is also considered a criminal offense.

Fourthly, under section 365 D seduced kidnapping, done in order to marry or to commit sexual intercourse is also a criminal offense.

Fifth, Rape under Section 375 (5) , a minor (under 16 years of age) sexual intercourse act committed with or without minor’s consent is still an illegal act.

Section 377 (A) Sexual abuse, whoever employs, uses, forces, induces, entices or coerces any person to engage in, or assist any other person to engage in fondling, stroking, caressing or any obscene explicit conduct or simulation of such conduct either independently or in conjunction with other acts, with or without the consent where age of person is less than eighteen years, is said to commit the offence of sexual abuse.

All the afore mentioned crimes are categorized under physical abuse. However, section 328 (A) Cruelty to child refers to mental injury. Keeping Arzoo under the false pretense that all of the afore mentioned crimes are not crimes, instead these are acts of love, is classified as psychological trauma.

Furthermore, Section 3, 4 and 5 of child marriage act the absconders approving the marriage have not been charged. Arzoo was told to recite the Kalma with the objective of legalizing her marriage and supporting that she is 18 years old and not with the motive of converting her religion.

Azhar’s brother Mohsin, a partner in crime has been bailed earlier, and must be locked up again. Since he has been meeting Arzoo at the shelter home using a fake identity with the objective of persistently brainwashing her.

To summarize, our case is against Azhar and all the other parties who were involved in legalizing this marriage.

Azhar (the pedophile), Mohsin (his brother), Mehmood (the lawyer) and Junaid (his clerk), Justice of Peace (for creating the affidavit of freewill), Azharudin (Nikkah validator) and Abdul Rasool Rashmandi (Convertor of Arzoo) along with all those involved in assisting them, should all be charged.

Under section 368, assisting an abductor the same punishment is applied to the person assisting an abduction, should also be held accountable.

The defense attorney has based all arguments today on outdated laws. Where if a minor was married but had reached puberty then the sexual act was not considered as rape. This has been altered after 2006, these arguments are no longer entertained. The law is now subject to “any sexual act with a minor (under 16 years) is categorized as Rape.


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