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Arzoo Raja Case

Arzoo Raja will remain in a shelter home

Suzanna Joseph

Karachi: 23 November, 2020 Honorable Sindh High Court disposed of petition filed by Arzoo’s abductor. Furthermore, under Section 375(5) statutory rape of minor has been added and her marriage has been declared as child marriage.

Therefore, Arzoo is to remain in Shelter Home under the upkeep of Social Welfare Department. Further proceedings will be filed in relevant court for claiming child custody. It is also evident that certain community activists have brain washed her for the sake of securing foreign funds in her name as Arzoo persistently denies to return home.

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In light of Arzoo Raja case and countless other victims the detection of child sexual offender has become a critical issue which needs to be addressed. Not only is there an increase in such crimes in the physical world moreover, children have become prone to this danger virtually as well. To clarify it’s the common social activities children are more inclined towards during the Coronavirus lock-down.

What should parents do?

Although we cannot limit our child’s socializing activities however, we MUST train them to spot a sexual groomer and move away.

Firstly, looks can be deceiving. A pedophile does not necessarily look like a typical criminal. A friendly and charming personality can also be the perfect way to blend in a society. This becomes even more challenging when children use virtual platforms. Typically making friends in online gaming and while using social media. Since, the offender can use a fake profile and pretend to be of any age.

Always remind children that people online may not be who they say they are. Encourage them to share with you if they are uncomfortable with anything happening to them online.

Secondly, once a predator has gained access to a child, the next stage is the Deceptive Trust Development. It consists of building a trust relationship with the minor. In this stage a predator exchanges personal information including age, likes, dislikes, former romances, etc. Allowing the predator to build a common ground with the victim.

Teach your child never to exchange personal information with a stranger whether online or in person. Children should have a close relationship with parents only.

Your children are vulnerable if they feel unhappy at home. Leading them to do involuntary acts like seeking love, friendship and attention through social media.

Although earning opportunities have become challenging as the second wave takes its toll. Often keeping both the parents over occupied and less available to keep an alert eye on their children.

But here is the deal, you can either take active responsibility before an incident happens or you can bear the brunt later.

Keeping Arzoo’s insecure and unknown future in mind is it not worth it to be vigilant.

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