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Be generous to less fortunate Christians, Archbishop Arshad

In a heartwarming Christmas get-together on December 21, 2023, hosted at the prestigious Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi, His Excellency Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad, the Bishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, delivered a poignant message centered on peace and brotherhood. The event brought together individuals from various communities and backgrounds to celebrate the festive occasion with a shared commitment to unity and understanding.

Dr. Joseph Arshad underscored the Christian community’s dedication to contributing to the development and prosperity of the nation, drawing parallels with their historical contributions. Emphasizing the spirit of giving, he urged fellow Christians to extend their thoughts to those in need during the joyous Christmas season, encouraging them to share in the happiness of their less fortunate brothers.

Mashal Hussain Malik, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Human Rights and Women Empowerment, joined the celebration by extending heartfelt congratulations to the Christian community on the occasion of Christmas. She highlighted the significant role played by the Christian community in the nation’s overall development and prosperity, actively contributing to various facets of life.

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The gathering witnessed the esteemed presence of notable personalities, including Station Commander Rawalpindi Brigadier Ahmad Nawaz, and leaders from the Muslim League, such as Chaudhry Tanveer, Barrister Daniyal, Chaudhry Osama, Malik Abrar, Ziaullah Shah, Rashid Khan. Sibt-ul-Hasan Bukhari, alias Sabti Shah, representing the Pakistan Peoples Party, added his wishes to the festive atmosphere. The event also welcomed prominent businessmen like Sheikh Muhammad Hafeez, Shoaib Sadal, and members of the Peace Committee, including Babu Sajid Amin Khokhar. In attendance were also Frayad Francis, Napoleon Gomez, Sanobar Gill, ambassadors from various countries, and leaders from the Hindu, Sikh, and Christian communities.

The gathering, which included notable religious figures such as Allama Izhar Bukhari, Hafiz Iqbal Rizvi, and Peer Azmatullah, along with administrative officers, served as a powerful testament to the spirit of unity and harmony prevailing among individuals from diverse backgrounds. This collective celebration mirrored the true essence of Christmas, fostering goodwill and understanding among all communities.

As the attendees came together in the festive spirit, the Christmas get-together at Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi showcased the beauty of diversity and the shared commitment to a harmonious future for all.

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