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Be honest yet speak the truth in love, Bishop Joseph Arshad

Faisalabad: In order to build up capacity of participants in the field of report writing Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad conducted one day training for reporters & journalists under Peace building & social harmony program Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad on 2nd December, 2016 at Conference Hall Caritas Pakistan Faisalabad.

His Lordship Bishop Joseph Arshad Chairman of the organization was guest of honor. The training was opened by inviting of Miss Komal Jabeen to read out a passage from the Holy Bible this was followed by recitation of a passage from the Holy Quran by Miss Shahana Emman. Later on; aim & objectives of the program were described by the Program Coordinator Mr. Khushi Peter. Then; Executive Secretary of the organization extended warm welcome to the all participants and invited and introduced Mr. Kamran Chaudhry resource person of the scheduled training to come and conduct the training.

Bishop Joseph Arshad said, “Connect with people as you communicate, maintaining eye contact and expressing interest in them and what concerns them. Be honest yet speak the truth in love”.

“Take your concerns to God but also remember to express thanksgiving. — Leadership can be discouraging but God is always in control. (Phil. 4:6), he concluded.”

While; conducting training he shared different aspects of report writing with the participants as well; the need & importance of writing report. What is report writing? Structure/ body of report and what are the different kinds of reports this includes the reporting of the event/ programs held. kinds of journalism with special reference /e to Peace journalism war journalism / Yellow journalism and its positive /adverse effects upon people s’ behavior and attitudes toward each others.

The role of reporters especially the journalists who are also known as opinion makers how they are to play their role toward building up of peace full and peace friendly environment where people could live with each other the spirit of brotherhood for the purpose of co-existence irrespective of their religious, ethnic, linguistic and gender.

In order to get mix up and share their view the participants were parted in three groups to in groups write reports after discussion in groups and present the collective reports. There were total 27 participants (10 females & 17 males) from different organizations/ institutes/ volunteers. Certificated of the training were distributed at the hand of Mr. Farhan Lawrence Executive secretary & Mr. Kamran Chudhary the resource person and of the by Mr. Khushi Peter Program Coordinator at the completion of training..

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