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Bishop Samson Urges Graduates to Embrace Priestly Duties

Karachi: On 10th June 2024, the 67th Academic Year at National Catholic Institute of Theology, Karachi came to a close with a momentous Graduation Ceremony, marking a significant milestone in the lives of 19 students, comprising 11 diocesan and 8 religious students. The ceremony was graced by His Excellency Bishop Samson Shukardin, Bishop of Hyderabad Diocese, who presided over the Holy Mass and delivered a heartfelt homily.

Bishop Shukardin congratulated the graduates and best performers, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. He reminded them that their formation is ongoing and that their pastoral life is just beginning. He emphasized that they are not alone in their journey, as God and the Church community will always be with them, guiding and supporting them.

The Bishop encouraged the graduates to embrace their sacred duty to serve the Church and its people, acknowledging the weight of responsibility that comes with being a priest. He reminded them that they are part of a larger community, the Catholic Church, and that they will be guided by senior priests who have walked the path before them.

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The graduates were conferred with diplomas in recognition of their academic achievements, and top-performing students received High Distinction shields for their outstanding work. A total 33 student submitted their thesis from which 18 (9 diocesan & 9 religious) were awarded High Distinction Shields. The ceremony marked the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of these young priests, as they embark on their journey to serve the Church and its people.

Bishop Shukardin’s words of wisdom and encouragement will undoubtedly resonate with the graduates as they begin their pastoral life. The ceremony was a celebration of their achievements and a reminder of the important role they will play in carrying on the mission of Christ.

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