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Caritas Pakistan Karachi dedicate its Conference Hall to Nafeesa Wilson

Mansha Noor (Karachi):

In recognition of services of Nafeesa Wilson (Late), one of Caritas’ staff members, Caritas Pakistan Karachi organized a decent ceremony to dedicate its Conference Hall to Nafeesa Wilson in recognition of her services she devoted to Caritas Pakistan Karachi.

Nafeesa’s Family, her students and Caritas Pakistan Karachi staff was present at the occasion.

Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego (Vicar General Archdiocese of Karachi) specially, participated in the ceremony. He prayed and blessed the hall before the revelation of the nameplate of “Nafeesa Research and Training Hall”. Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego along with Mr. Mansha Noor Executive Secretary, Mr. Kelash Kumar, Caritas’ staff, Family of Nafeesa Wilson and her students revealed the name plate and Caritas Pakistan Karachi Conference Hall was named as “Nafeesa Research and Training Hall” in recognition of her services she devoted to Caritas Pakistan Karachi.

Father Saleh Diego prayed that her soul rest and Peace with God. He appreciated the idea to dedicate the Conference Hall to Nafeesa Name to remember and recognized her services with Caritas for 22 years.
 A presentation on life of Nafeesa Wilson was shown to the participants.

Nafeesa Wilson joined Caritas Pakistan Karachi in 1994 as a Community Health worker in Health Project. Later on in 2000 she became an animator by joining Caritas’ Animation & Development program. 2009 to 2012 she worked as a social mobilizer in emergencies. 2012 to 2015. In 2015 she was nominated as a Focal person for climate Change. On January 4, 2016 she left the human race. She worked as a social mobilize in CBDRM program. She was a hard working lady and committed in her work. She got several appreciation letters and awards for best animator and Social mobilize. She was an ideas creator. She doesn’t like to work on routine fashion. She always tried to bring innovation in her work of every step.

All the participant appreciated the superior qualities of members and acknowledged Caritas Pakistan Karachi for taking step to recognize her services and dedication Caritas’ Hall to her name.

On 26-11-2016, the time of Birthday of Nafeesa Wilson, Caritas’ Hall was dedicated to her name.

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