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Caritas Pakistan Multan launches Wheel Project to empower local youth

Caritas Pakistan Multan launches Wheel Project to empower local youth

Multan: Thursday, 5th May, 2022 Caritas Pakistan launched their latest educational project in the diocese of Multan. The ‘Wheel project’ is a 3 month course designed for the empowerment of the catholic youth. Since they suffer, in the field of E-commerce and electronic businesses, from a lack of resources. This course will help satiate the rise in demand for IT careers like Amazon and Web design.

The event was graced by the presence of Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, Archbishop of Lahore and Apostolic Administrator of Multan, along with Fr. Yousuf Sohan, Vicar General of Multan and Fr. Patrick Patras.
The esteemed guests were given floral bouquets and Ajarak shawls, a custom signifying respect and devotion.

Mr. Ambrose Gill briefly introduced the participants who belonged from several parishes that fall under the diocese of Multan. He then invited Sir Samuel to the podium for sharing the details of the Wheel Project.
Mr. Samuel Clement, Executive Secretary Caritas Pakistan Multan, briefly described the history of St. Peter’s academy and its mission. For the next 18 months Caritas is also collaborating efforts with the Government offices in supporting the marginalized tier of the catholic community. Enabling them to earn through sole proprietor businesses on a small scale.

He also mentioned that in 2022 special CSS preparatory classes had been conducted. The finalists from St Peter’s academy have now secured permanent jobs in the high court, motorway police and as college faculties.
He further added that the E commerce course which has been undertaken by the academy costs between Rs 40,000 to Rs 70,000 per course. However, by the support of the catholic diocese they can mentor Christian youth and prepare them for futuristic job openings in the field of business.
“Our Ecommerce and digital marketing course will be implemented at Khanewal, Amrat Nagar and Rahimyar Khan Parishes educating around 130 candidates.” he concluded.

Speaking on the occasion Fr. Yousuf Sohan, Vicar General of Multan Diocese said, “I am very pleased with the team efforts for taking this initiative in a fast evolving world dominated by technology and business. I pray that our students utilize their full potential and be a part of a greater change in our community and our nation.”

Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw encouraged the youth stating that, “You are the light of the world. Therefore, you must fully realize God’s call for your lives. And I am certain that your efforts will come to fruition by His Grace.”

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