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Contribution: Suzanna Joseph

Abortion is the deliberate removal of a fetus from a pregnant woman’s womb by medical or other means. Babies are aborted for many reasons, such as a pregnancy out-of-wedlock, or an unwanted pregnancy, after marriage, bound by poverty. It is also mistaken as a method of contraception.

Annually around 56 million abortions are performed worldwide. Advocates of abortion argue that the baby is in the mother’s womb and it has no rights. The mother may decide to end the unborn baby’s life by aborting or go through childbearing. Since, the fetus is still a lifeless piece of tissue, in which there is no identity, it can be dropped prematurely.

While catholic morality presents the fifth commandment in favor of the child: “Thou shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13). The teaching of the Catholic Church is to respect human life at every moment of life. The church believes that life begins with pregnancy.

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In the book of Exodus, the bible supports, “When men have a fight and hurt a pregnant woman, so that she suffers a miscarriage, but no further injury, the guilty one shall be fined as much as the woman’s husband demands of him, and he shall pay in the presence of the judges. (Exodus 21:22)
In the bible unborn babies and their mothers are given equal status and protection. God considers the unborn child to be a perfect human being. That is why human life is pure and honorable from the very beginning. The process of birth is nature’s masterpiece and proves that God is the only creator.

The bible cites “Thus says the LORD who made you, your help, who formed you from the womb: Do not fear, Jacob, my servant, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen.”(Isaiah 44:2)

God alone is the creator and master of human life from beginning to end. No human being has the right to destroy the existence of innocent human life under any circumstances. God gives absolute protection to human life from the moment of conception. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.” (Jeremiah 1:1)

So, remember the soul that has been born or those who are not yet born are both precious in God’s eyes.

The Catholic Church has strongly condemned every abortion since the first century. Overtime the Catholic Church’s teaching and stance on abortion have remained unchanged.

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