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Celebration of the Feast of ‘Porciúncula’ Friary in Karachi

Fr. Bernard Younis Bhatti

Karachi: Feast of ‘Porciúncula’ Friary holds significant importance in the hearts of Franciscans worldwide. On 2nd August 2023, this special day was celebrated by the friars gathered at the ‘Porciúncula’ Friary in Karachi, Pakistan.

Event Highlights

The celebrations were memorable. Notably, the guardian and student master collaborated to create a meaningful experience. First, the day commenced with a solemn procession, during which friars, dressed in traditional habits, walked together in reverence, symbolizing unity and devotion to St. Francis of Assisi.

Communal Prayers and Reflections

In the evening, a prayer service marked by profound reflection, communal prayers, and soul-stirring hymns echoed within the friary’s walls. Additionally, a festive meal fostered fraternity and camaraderie, emphasizing the importance of community in the Franciscan way of life.

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Renewal of Franciscan Vows

As part of the Feast of ‘Porciúncula’ Friary, Custos, Azeem Lawrence led the renewal of Franciscan vows. The friars took this opportunity to reflect on their commitment to live by the teachings of St. Francis, a powerful reminder of their dedication to humility, simplicity and service.

Contribution to the Local Church

The ‘Porciúncula’ Friary has a deep impact on the local church in Pakistan. Beyond spiritual growth for Franciscans, it actively contributes to the community. Notably, its presence is intertwined with the growth of the Church in Pakistan, fostering faith and devotion among the faithful. Furthermore, through outreach initiatives, educational programs, and charitable efforts, the friars exemplify the spirit of St. Francis.

Celebrating Faith and Service

In conclusion, the celebration of the Feast of ‘Porciúncula’ Friary in Karachi stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of St. Francis and the Franciscan order in Pakistan. Through solemn processions, heartfelt prayers, and communal gatherings, the friars reaffirm their commitment to their vocations and serving the community. Moreover, the friary’s historical significance and role in shaping the local church further emphasize the impact of this annual celebration.

About The Porciuncula Friary Karachi

The ‘Porciúncula’ Friary in Karachi holds a rich history. Originally built by devout friars, it symbolizes Franciscan heritage and values. Over the years, it has been a witness to numerous Franciscan celebrations, fostering the spiritual growth of Franciscans in Pakistan.

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