Catholics in Pakistan
Diocese of Hyderabad

Chrism Mass at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Hyderabad-Pakistan

Hyderabad: The Mass of the Holy Oils (Chrism Mass), for the Diocese of Hyderabad-Pakistan, was celebrated at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral on April 06, 2017. Those who attended, witnessed the annual gathering of the Bishop and Priests of the diocese to celebrate this special Eucharist, with His Lordship Bishop Samson Shukardin OFM.

Chrism is essential for the Catholic Sacrament of confirmation/Chrismation, and is prominently used in the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Orders. Those to be confirmed or chrismated, after receiving the laying on of hands, are anointed on the head by the bishop or priest. In baptism, if the person baptized is not to be immediately confirmed or chrismated, the minister anoints them with chrism. Newly ordained priests are anointed with chrism on the palms of their hands, and newly ordained bishops receive an anointing of chrism on their foreheads. It is also used in the consecration of objects such as churches and altars.

(Photos: Paul Bhutto)


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