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Delegation of Christian Study Center visits Quetta

Quetta: On the 17th of November 2023, St. Joseph Convent Nursery School in Quetta had the pleasure of hosting a distinguished group of visitors. The esteemed guests included representatives from the Christian Study Center, His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Coutts of the Archdiocese of Karachi, His Excellency Bishop Khalid Rehmat OFM Cap from the Apostolic Vicariate of Quetta, Fr. Basharat Exupear OMI, Procurator of the Apostolic Vicariate of Quetta, His Excellency Samuel Azariah, Director of the Church of Pakistan and Christopher Sharaf, member of CSC.

The nursery school’s youngest learners, our Kindergarten students, extended a heartfelt welcome to the visitors. With vibrant flowers in hand, they created a lively and cheerful atmosphere that set the tone for the entire visit.

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The visitors had the opportunity to explore each classroom, where they were greeted by smiles and eager faces. The highlight of the visit was a touching exchange as the Kindergarten students presented flowers to their esteemed guests, symbolizing the spirit of friendship and unity. The air resonated with joy as the children engaged in a lively session of singing poems.

Throughout the tour, the visitors witnessed dynamic teaching methodologies in action. They had the chance to engage with educators who provided valuable insights into the school’s curriculum. This interactive experience allowed the guests to gain a deeper understanding of the educational environment at St. Joseph Convent Nursery School.

As the tour concluded, feedback from the visitors was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed admiration for the school’s ethos, achievements, and vision, emphasizing the importance of fostering a sense of connection and understanding within the broader community.

The visit from the distinguished guests, including representatives from the Christian Study Center and prominent figures in the Church, was a testament to the warm and inclusive atmosphere at St. Joseph Convent Nursery School. The event showcased the school’s commitment to providing quality education and fostering a spirit of friendship and unity among its students.

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