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Christian student’s killing in Burewala: Family pleads for action against teachers

VEHARI (Dawn News): The negligence of the class teacher and the hatred against Christians among a few class fellows killed Sheron Masih.

The mother of deceased Sheron Masih, Razia Bibi, wants action against the class teacher and the school headmaster, saying that their negligence claimed the life of her son, who was beaten by one of his class fellows on Aug 30 in the classroom of the Government MC High School, Burewala.

Sheron of, chak-461/EB, had been facing bullying and discrimination from some of the fellows from the day one in the school where he was admitted on Aug 28.

They would not allow him to use glass and watercooler in the class room because of his faith. She said Sheron would drink water only after the school and remain thirsty for hours in hot and humid weather. He had informed the class teacher, Nazir Mohal, about bullying but to no avail.

On Aug 30, Sheron attempted to drink water from the cooler but classmate Ahmed Raza stopped him with brutal thrashing. He soon collapsed. Teacher Mohal was not present at the time of the incident. The situation alarmed the class and four students rushed Sheron to the Burewala Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) hospital in a motorcycle rickshaw where he was received deceased.

The security guard and the peon were also not present at main gate of the school when the boys were taking Sheron to the hospital.

Her mother says her son might be beaten in classroom at 11am, as he had been declared dead at the hospital at 12pm. School teachers arrived at the hospital at 1:30pm.

She says the teacher had been harsh to her son from the day one. The first day, he beat Sheron for not wearing school uniform.

She said the education department wanted to save the teacher. She appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan to provide justice to them.

School’s Senior Science Teacher Jawed Iqbal said that an inquiry had been launched into the incident.

He said had the students called Rescue 1122, the timely first aid would have saved Sheron.

He said both Sheron and Ahmed had not been enrolled in school on Aug 30. He denied the widespread hatred against Christians in the school, saying that about 100 Christian students were presently enrolled in the school.

The probe is likely to be completed by Sept 12. Muhammad Asim, the member of the inquiry team set up by the district administration, said that according to initial reports, the class teacher and the headmaster were responsible for the incident. Ahmed, who was arrested days after the incident, has confessed to his crime before a local court. He said that no other class fellow was involved in beating Sheron.

A first information report (FIR) into the incident states that the parents and other relatives of both students were present at school during the brawl.

Sheron’s mother, however, says they went to the hospital, not school, after hearing about the death of Sheron.

She said the loopholes were kept in the FIR only to save the teachers. She demanded a murder case against the class teacher and the headmaster. She said they were not satisfied with the way investigations were being held and warned if justice was not provide to them, Christians would go on strike.

Deputy Commissioner Ali Akbar Bhatti and District Police Officer Umer Saeed Malik said the family of Sheron would be provided justice.

Investigation Officer Kashif said that they were waiting for forensic report which was expected in few days.

Source: DawanNews

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