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Archdiocese of Lahore

Christmas will be celebrated with simplicity in Archdiocese of Lahore

Lahore (Suzanna Joseph): December 6 the Archdiocese together with the Pastoral Council took two important decisions. Firstly, they will celebrate this Christmas season with great vigor and yet modestly in materialistic terms. Secondly, they are going to take a global initiative every Tuesday. Marking it with prayer and penance up until Christmas. Archbishop announced the details in a video message during daily Mass at the Archbishop’s House on December 06.

First Tuesday, December 8, is a ‘Day of Prayer’. As we celebrate ‘The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary’. This Day observes the sinless lifespan and Immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary.

Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw said, “Just as mother Mary pleaded with Jesus, at the wedding in Cana. Similarly, we will pray that she pleads for an end to this pandemic.”

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The second Tuesday, December 15, is set as a ‘Day of Penance’. Archbishop Shaw continued, “Since every human is prone to error, we must observe penance. Let’s pray for Christ’s mercy and seek His forgiveness.”

Boxing Day:

Third Tuesday, December 22 is ‘Boxing Day’ the diocese calls for sharing our belongings with each other. He encouraged the parishioners to come forward with things that can be spared and offered as gifts to our humble brothers and sisters. His thoughts are in assisting individual and family needs making it the source of joy.

Providing gifts, clothing and critically needed household items like dishes, pots and linens. Archbishop Shaw insisted, “God will surely approve of our sacrifices and bless our actions. I request you all to coordinate with your concerned parish priest, nuns and catechists to bring this act of love to fruition.”

Keeping in mind the spike in COVID19 cases during the second wave, he reinforced the use of masks. Archbishop said, “Wear a mask for your own safety and influence others to use it also.”

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