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Church fosters spiritual growth beyond structure, Bishop Indrias

Faisalabad (Ijaz Bhatti): In a momentous event, the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for St. Mary’s Catholic Church unfolded at the Church Compound 144 RB Ghartal Kalan, Chak Jhumra, Faisalabad on 4th February 2024. The presence of His Excellency Bishop Dr. Indrias Rehmat elevated the ceremony, turning it into a historical and blessed occasion.

The proceedings commenced with a gracious welcome extended to Bishop Indrias Rehmat by Fr Naveed, the pastoral team and the devoted community. The atmosphere was infused with warmth as the Bishop, revered for his fatherly guidance, set the tone for an auspicious event.

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The Holy Mass, presided over by Bishop Indrias Rehmat, became the spiritual centerpiece of the ceremony. In his homily, Bishop Rehmat urged the community and the priest in charge, Fr. Naveed, to view the upcoming Church building not merely as a physical structure but as a place for spiritual growth. The emphasis was placed on nurturing a deeper connection with the Universal Church of Christ, thereby instilling a sense of collective spirituality within the faithful.

Following the uplifting Mass, the symbolic act of laying the foundation stone took place. Bishop Indrias, in a ritualistic manner, sprinkled holy water and offered blessings to sanctify the entire premises where the new Church building is destined to rise. This sacred gesture marked the formal initiation of the construction phase, imbued with spiritual significance and divine blessings.

Expressions of gratitude were extended during the ceremony, as a delegate from the local community conveyed heartfelt thanks to Bishop Indrias for his paternal love and concern. The tireless efforts of Fr. Naveed, the in-charge priest, were also acknowledged, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that underpins the endeavor to establish St. Mary’s Church.

The event concluded on a joyous note, as a festive lunch was served to all the distinguished guests present. This communal gathering not only celebrated the laying of the foundation stone but also fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie among the attendees.

In retrospect, the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for St. Mary’s Catholic Church emerges as a significant milestone in the religious landscape of Faisalabad. With the divine blessings and guidance imparted by Bishop Indrias Rehmat, coupled with the dedication of the local community and Fr Naveed, the journey towards the completion of St. Mary’s Church has been set in motion, promising a spiritual haven for generations to come.

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