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27th October will be a Day of Prayer for Palestinians

Rawalpindi: The Pakistani Christian community is set to observe October 27 as a solemn day of prayer dedicated to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad, the Bishop of Islamabad Rawalpindi Diocese, has issued a heartfelt statement, imploring an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Palestine.

In his statement, Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad expressed profound concern over the tragic loss of countless innocent lives, spanning from children to the elderly and young individuals. He emphasized that these losses are the tragic result of the unjust use of force and underscored the fact that war can never be the ultimate solution to any problem.

The Christian community in Pakistan demonstrated its solidarity and compassion by opening the doors of their places of worship to provide shelter for approximately one hundred thousand Palestinians. Among those who sought refuge in these places were Muslim brothers and sisters, along with their families. This act of kindness and interfaith unity demonstrates the importance of communal support during these trying times.

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The situation in Palestine is dire, with millions of Muslims enduring the harrowing consequences of the ongoing conflict. Additionally, numerous Palestinian Christians are equally affected by the hostilities and have been forced to leave their homes. This mass displacement has led to severe shortages of essential resources, including shelter, clean water, medical assistance, and food supplies in the war-affected areas.

In response to these pressing issues, Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad passionately called for a peaceful and diplomatic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His appeal underlines the urgency of addressing this protracted crisis through dialogue and negotiation. The global community is urged to come together to support these efforts, as it is only through peace and understanding that the profound suffering and displacement in this region can come to an end.

The Pakistani Christian community’s observance of October 27 as a day of prayer is not only a spiritual act of solidarity but also a call for a cessation of violence and a plea for a just and lasting peace in the troubled region. In a world marked by division, this gesture of unity serves as a poignant reminder of the shared humanity that binds us all together, transcending religious and cultural boundaries. It is an invitation for everyone to come together in the name of peace and compassion.

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