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Dominican Sisters’ Seminar at Sacred Heart Convent Faisalabad

Faisalabad: May 16th to 19th, 2024, a thought-provoking seminar was held at Sacred Heart Convent Faisalabad, tailored specifically for young sisters. The timely topic, “Vows in the light of digital culture,” aimed to explore the intersection of consecrated life and modern technology.

Renowned facilitator, Fr. Iftikhar Moon OP, shared his vast expertise on harnessing screen culture for effective communication, a vital mission in religious life. He illuminated the importance of proclaiming the Gospel in the church through digital means, while also guiding the sisters on how to navigate the digital landscape with integrity.

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Throughout the seminar, the sisters delved into the significance of religious vows, gaining a deeper understanding of how these commitments can lead to perfection and purification of the heart. Prioress Provincial Sr. M. Perveen Lal OP, offered insightful reflections on Constitution Nos. 120-124, followed by fraternal sharing, empowering the sisters to reaffirm their dedication to their vows.

This enriching experience equipped the young sisters with the knowledge and skills necessary to embrace their consecrated life in the digital age, while remaining true to their faith and mission.

May their vows be a beacon of hope and light in the digital world, Amen.

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