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Fr. James Bahadur laid to rest at Okara

Okara: On 05th October 2023, funeral Mass of Fr. James Bahadur was presided over by His Excellency Bishop Indrias Rehmat, Bishop of Faisalabad Diocese along with clergy of the diocese as well as and the faithful of the local church joined in to bid him farewell.

First reading: Job 19:1, 23-27
Second Reading: 2-Timothy 4:1-8
Gospel: 6th Chapter of Gospel of St. John

In his homily Bishop Indrias Rehmat paid a rich tribute to Fr. James Bahadur. He said, “I spent 10 years with Fr. James at the Seminary and after his ordination in 1992, he served in different parishes of Pakistan”, he continued.

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“The Bible gives some good examples of great people of faith. One of which is the story of Job. The story of Job is the story of faith, endurance, and patience winning out against amazing odds. Job suffered the loss of seven sons and three daughters. However, during his troubles, he remained stubbornly faithful to God” he added.

“Fr. James also suffered illness in his last months of his life but he also remained persistent in his Faith on Jesus Christ. As we listened in the Gospel, Jesus said I am the bread of life and one may eat it and not die. During his life, Fr. James Bahadur gave this eternal food to so many people through the Eucharist. Let us pray that the good Lord should forgive sins Fr. James and receive him in his eternal kingdom, where he lives and reigns with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Let us also pray for those who remained helpers of Fr. James during his last time at hospital or home. May God bless them all, Amen”

Who was Fr. James Bahadur?

Fr. James was from Okara and belonged to a very noble family. He was a poet and preacher of the charismatic style – Father James was a popular preacher of Christian worship meetings before his illness Fr. James was a Punjabi poet. His poetry book Matti Nama was very popular among his students. He was a quiet and dedicated person. For the past few years, Fr. James had been ill and living at home. After being admitted to a hospital in Faisalabad for some time, he met his true creator on October 03, 2023. May God rest the soul of Father James Bahadur.

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