Catholics in Pakistan
Diocese of Islamabad-Rawalpindi

Fr. Rehmat Michael Hakam laid to rest

Rawalpindi: A number of priests from across Pakistan, led by Bishop Joseph Arshad several religious and hundreds of lay faithful, including family members, friends and associates of the late priest turned out to pay their last respect at a requiem mass held in his honor at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Rawalpindi on February 08, 2017.

In his highly emotional homily at St. Joseph’s Cathedral Rawalpindi Bishop Joseph Arshad described about everlasting life. He said, “If there is one truth of the Catholic faith that needs to be emphasized in our day, it is our belief in everlasting life. As we know, this means more than merely the continuation of our human life on earth. True enough, our souls will never die. In that sense, our life is eternal because our souls, once created by God at our conception, will continue living for all eternity”.

“Life everlasting is nothing less than the unending share in God’s own life. This participation in the life of God begins at baptism. It is sustained by prayer and the sacraments and obedience to the will of God here on earth. This life Jesus Christ restored to the human race by His death on the cross and continues to be nourished, especially by the reception of the body and blood of Christ in Holy Communion”, he ended.

Fr. Rehmat Michael Hakam was born on October 08, 1946 at Sargodha. He was ordained as priest on April 17, 1974. He got his early education from Josephabad. He did Masters in Sociology from Manila in 1979. He was also Vicar General at Islamabad Rawalpindi Diocese in 1993-1996 and 2011-2014. He passed away on February 07, 2017.

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