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St. Francis Xavier Seminary offers new academic year

Lahore: St. Francis Xavier Seminary in Youhanabad, Lahore, marked the dawn of a promising 29th Academic Year on September 04, 2023, with an inauguration ceremony that blended spirituality, intellectualism and heartfelt commitment to the pursuit of God’s calling.

The inauguration mass, a momentous occasion for the seminary community, signified a fresh beginning and a renewed dedication to spiritual growth and academic excellence. The event was graced by the presence of Fr. Almas Daniel Archangelus, the Rector of the Major Seminary, and Fr. Amjad Yousaf, the Dean, who extended warm invitations to Very Rev. Fr. Pascal Paulus OP, the Prior Vice Provincial of Ibn e Mariam Province of Pakistan, to preside over the inaugural Mass.

Fr. Pascal Paulus OP, in his sermon, delivered a powerful message underscoring the pivotal role of God’s call, intellectual development, and spiritual formation in the life of a seminarian. He emphasized that a connection with God signifies being on the path to preach the divine message. Fr. Paulus OP encouraged the seminarians to nurture a profound love for God, a thirst for wisdom, and a hunger for understanding. His words resonated with the need for students to immerse themselves fully in their studies, seek truth, and grow in virtue. At the conclusion of the Mass, Rev. Fr. Almas expressed heartfelt gratitude to Very Rev. Fr. Pascal Paulus OP for his inspiring homily and for leading the Mass on this significant occasion.

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The day’s events continued with a thought-provoking presentation by Fr. Samson Dilawar on the topic “Feminism in Pakistan” during a Lectio Brevis session. This enlightened discussion added a valuable dimension to the inauguration, exploring an important societal issue.

Fr. Almas, Rector of the Seminary, extended a warm and cordial welcome to all esteemed guests and incoming students. He expressed deep gratitude to the dedicated teaching staff whose unwavering commitment to education has continued to shape the seminary’s legacy of excellence.

As St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary commences its 29th Academic Year, the seminary community stands at the threshold of another year of growth, learning, and spiritual discovery. With a focus on intellectual advancement, spiritual enlightenment, and a commitment to their divine calling, the seminarians embark on a journey of faith and knowledge, inspired by the words and blessings imparted on this auspicious day.

The inaugural ceremony of the 29th Academic Year at St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, heralding a year of profound growth and achievement for both students and the institution itself.

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