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Graduation Ceremony of Nurses at St. Raphael Convent, Faisalabad

Faisalabad: The graduation ceremony of nurses was held at St. Raphael Convent, Faisalabad, and 27 nurses were honored upon completion of their training. The ceremony was held on July 01, 2023, and commenced with a Holy Mass led by Fr. Abid Tanveer, Vicar General of Faisalabad Diocese whereas Fr. Zafar Iqbal was the con-celebrant on the occasion. Dn. Arshad assisted in reading the Holy Gospel during the Mass.

Following the Holy Mass, a certificate distribution ceremony was held to recognize the new staff nurses.

The certificates were presented by several esteemed individuals, including Fr. Abid Tanveer, Sr. Zareena FMM (Provincial), Sr. Rafina FMM (Hospital In-Charge), Sr. Catherine Yousaf FMM (Hostel Charge), Mrs. Shumaila Shams (Principal of Nurses Training School) and Mr. Imran.

Fr. Abid Tanveer and Sr. Rafina Gul FMM congratulated the nursing staff members who achieved top positions in the Punjab Board of Nursing by awarding them with Gold Medals. Sr. Zareena FMM acknowledged their dedication and praised their outstanding achievements in this regard. She also extended her congratulations to the parents and loved ones of the nurses for expressing their gratitude for their children. She emphasized the significant role they played in boosting the morale and courage of the nurses. She also termed how they all can share the happiness of this achievement with others.

Miss Shumaila Shams, the Principal of the School, took a moment to express her gratitude to the entire staff and teachers. She thanked them for their hard work, love, and exemplary lives, which have nurtured this new generation of nurses.

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