Catholics in Pakistan
Archdiocese of Karachi

State Funeral Mass Of Dr. Ruth Pfau – 19 August 2017

Dear all,
The funeral of Dr. Ruth Pfau will take place on 19th Aug 2017 in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Shahra-e-Iraq, Saddar, Karachi.
It is an honour for the Catholics of Pakistan that Dr. Ruth is being honoured with a state funeral. At the same time law and order is applicable and for this we need the support from the people of our community. We hope you will cooperate and understand the situation.

The body will be brought for viewing at 8:30 am.
The funeral mass begins at 11 am.
It is here by requested to please carry your CNIC original when attending the funeral service (MANDATORY)
The church ground is a zero parking zone, and is under the supervision of the army for security reasons.

Please avoid carrying mobile phones.

Those who wish to attend the funeral rites at the grave yard MUST & HAVE to register their names alongwith their CNIC Numbers with the parish. (ONLY THOSE REGISTERED WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CEMETERY)
The priest or church security will not be able to assist anyone who gets into any army personnel conflict.

The casket will be carried by the army personnel and will be brought in the Cathedral after the bishop blesses the casket.
Fr. Joshua is the only priest who will be escorting the guest.
The dress code is formal hence please come dressed decently.

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