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Historic: First Vow Profession by Fr Robbie D’Lima SJ in Pakistan

Saturday, 24th February marked a historic milestone for the Jesuits in Pakistan, as Fr. Robbie D’Lima SJ professed his First Vows at Saint Mary’s School, Al-Mehtab Park, Lahore. The event, attended by the Jesuit community, candidates, Fr D’Lima’s family, collaborators, and students, emphasized the profound significance of the vows as a radical commitment to God and people.

Fr D’Lima’s journey from a diocesan priest to a Jesuit was guided by a strong call, leading him to commit himself fully to becoming a friend of Christ in the Society of Jesus. The liturgy highlighted the vows’ essence in three dimensions: being, serving, and dying.

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Fr Juan Carlos Pallardel SJ, in his homily, underscored the vows as a foundation for a new way of being, emphasizing a deep connection with God through the Spiritual Exercises. The focus on service was highlighted as fundamental for Jesuits, guiding their choices and actions, particularly in serving the marginalized and oppressed in Pakistan.

The ceremony concluded with Fr D’Lima receiving his vow cross, symbolizing kenosis—a dying for others. The event served as a reminder of the ongoing mission in Pakistan, where Jesuits are called to constantly engage with the realities and challenges, following the example of Jesus Christ.

The community expressed gratitude for the missionaries who have served in Pakistan and prayed for God’s continued guidance and support in their mission through Mother Mary.

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