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Jesus Christ is Supreme and seated at the right hand of the Father Almighty
(Letter to Hebrews 1:5 – 2:18)

Br. Arslan Aslam
Christ the King Seminary, Karachi

Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly Human, truly Brother, and truly Divine. He is the highest and always superior to the angles and worshiped by them. He is supreme over all and seated at the right hand of the Father almighty.

The Son as Greater than Angles: 1:5-14

We see the superiority of Jesus over the angels. He is greater than the angels and can provide us with anything easily, we need in our lives. He is closer to God than the angels. He is more superior mediator between God and his People than the angels. This is all we get and we confirmed this by studying the Old Testament and mostly the Psalms.

All the angels are to worship the Son of God, who is the first born of God. (Dt 32:43). The angles are the spirits they are not the Son of God rather the Son is one who is anointed and given the authority over all the creatures. He is also the Lord who created each and everything we see and will remain until the end of the world. Further in the letter to Hebrews, we see that Jesus, who is seated at the right hand of the father, gives a clearer indication of the letter to Hebrews that it contains an exaltation of Christology. He is superior overall, exalted Son, and the high priest of the Order of Melchizedek (Psalm 110:4). He is in Heaven with the father almighty.

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Listen Carefully. 2:1-4

We see here, that Jesus is Super Natural Being, who has authority over the angels. He is God’s ultimate and final revelation who is the eternal Creator and given the authority over all. Whom the angles worship so, we must also worship him. We should start wholeheartedly to seek him and understand him because He is our salvation. He has saved us from the slavery of the sins. And those who have gone far from him should return to him. In the letter to the Hebrews, we come to know that Hebrews were called the second generate, who came into being from the people who were listening directly to the Lord. Therefore we should pay full attention to God’s word. These are not just words but they are very important to live a proper and fully Christian life. If we will not be following and listening to God carefully, we will surely be in danger of hopelessness.

Jesus’ Perfection through Sufferings: 2:5-18

God gave each and everything in the control of Jesus Christin. But in a short time we see him having lower character than the angels, by becoming human and having suffering and death. This happened so that he may have the experience of death by being human. He defeated the devil by overcoming death and saving all those who were in the slavery of Sin. Jesus is merciful and a faithful high priest.

In the first section of this passage, which is from verses 5 to 9, we see the authority of Christ over the creatures. This teaches us that Christ is not only exalted but he is also humble. In his humbleness, He suffered for the people of God and experienced death. Jesus became the source of encouragement for the people to contemplate and follow God’s commandments.

The second section of this passage which is from verses 10 to 18, draws our attention to think that why Jesus suffered for humanity. This section of Hebrews makes us aware that He was a faithful high priest, for the letter to Hebrews is traditionally very famous that He is a faithful high priest.

So, as a result, He is the source of our salvation. He sanctifies those who follow him and leads people towards the Father almighty. Jesus was never ashamed to call us his brothers and sister rather always stands with us in a difficult time.

In the Old Testament, we see that high priests were chosen from among the people and only they were allowed to enter into the Holy of Holies this was called the Day of Atonement, on which he offered sacrifices for his sins and for the sins of his people. This special day is also known as YOM KIPPUR. This was the great day for Israelites, they take it as that on this day they are once again coming closer to God and their sins are forgiven and they are in peace with the almighty Father.


Br. Arslan AslamAbout writer: Br. Arslan Aslam from Archdiocese of Lahore is a student of 2nd year of Theology at National Catholic Institute of Theology, Karachi.

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