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A Joyous Celebration of Commitment and Love

Lahore: In a serene setting at St. John’s Catholic Church, Youhanabad-Lahore, on the 6th of April 2024, a profound ceremony unfolded, marking the final profession of Sr. Shazia and Sr. Ruqia. Amidst the Easter Season, the atmosphere was filled with blessings and jubilation as His Grace Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, Archbishop of Lahore, led the Holy Mass, joined by Fr. Khan Polous OMI, ex Superior of Oblate of Mary Immaculate, and Fr. Akram Javed Parish Priest of St. John’s Parish, Youhanabad-Lahore, as con-celebrants.

The ceremony commenced with a reading from the 4th Chapter of Acts of the Apostles, followed by the Gospel reading from the 16th Chapter of the Gospel of St. Mark, beautifully delivered by Fr. Amjad Yousaf.

The Archbishop’s homily centered on the sacredness of the moment coinciding with the Easter Season, highlighting the profound act of vow-taking. He emphasized the unique creation of humans by God’s own hands and the subsequent responsibility to navigate both physical and spiritual aspects of life.

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Drawing an analogy to falcons, he urged listeners to achieve a harmonious blend of physical and spiritual growth to attain spiritual flight. This, he suggested, would enable individuals to transcend worldly concerns and embrace a higher spiritual plane.

The Archbishop cited biblical narratives to illustrate the power of love and healing, emphasizing the limitless nature of God’s love. He encouraged attendees to emulate the apostles’ example of selfless love, asserting that spiritual fulfillment outweighs temporal concerns.

In a call to prioritize spiritual development over worldly pursuits, he cautioned against allowing trivial matters to overshadow one’s ability to offer solace and hope to others. He underscored the universal consistency of God’s love, regardless of individual circumstances or affiliations.

Concluding his address, the Archbishop prayerfully hope for collective spiritual growth and familial harmony. He advocated for the transformation of discord into love within households, envisioning a world where love prevails and discord dissipates.

As Sr. Grace Fernando, Superior of the Salvatorian Sisters’ Congregation, received the vows from Sr. Shazia and Sr. Ruqia, the ceremony radiated simplicity and reverence. The final profession not only symbolized a lifelong commitment to God but also affirmed the sisters’ dedication to serving others with love and healing.

The ceremony concluded with a sense of fulfillment and anticipation, as Sr. Shazia and Sr. Ruqia embarked on their journey of service and devotion, guided by the unwavering love of God and the support of their congregation.

Indeed, the final profession of Sr. Shazia and Sr. Ruqia stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith, love, and commitment in enriching lives and transforming communities.

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