Let’s Colour the Wall of Connecting Human Cities | Caritas Pakistan Karachi

Karachi: Caritas Pakistan Karachi under their Paece Building Program jointly celebrated PEACE WALL of Connection by collaborating with MasterPeace, Interfaith Commission for Peace & Harmony (ICPH) fully support and Sponsor by Deluxu paint of AkzoNobal Pakistan in St. Monica’s High School Karachi on May 24, 2017.

Very Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego (Vicar General Archdiocese Karachi), Mr. Jehanzeb Khan (Chief Executive Dulux Paint), Mr. Amjad Gulzar (Executive Director Caritas Pakistan), Allama Ahsan Siddiqi (Director ICPH), Mr. Saad Mehmood Rashid (Business Manager Deco Paints), Mr. Kelash Kumar (Peace Ambassador MasterPeace), Mr. Mansha Noor (Executive Secretary Caritas Pakistan Karachi) and Mr. Javed Iqbal (Principal St. Monica’s School) were present at the occasion.

Rev. Fr. Afzal led in the opening prayer, while Allama Ahsan Siddiqi recitation verses from Holy Quran.
The St. Monica’s School children warmly welcomed the honorable guests by performing a welcome tableau. St. Monica’s School presented the bouquets to the distinguished guests, while Allama Ahsan Siddiqi presented the Ajraks to the honorable gusts and Mr. Amjad Gulzar presented Caritas’ One Million Tree Plantation souvenirs to Mr. Jehanzeb Khan and Mr. Saad Mehmood Rashid. The doves were flown by the respected guests as a symbol of PEACE.

The objective of the Wall of Connection campaign to promote “Real Peace” in much needed areas, six schools will be involved in the campaign with focus on the theme of promote peace between different religions. The intention of Wall of Connection was to connect world for peace and to promote Peace through Colours.

The Chief Guest Mr. Jehanzeb Khan, Chief Executive of AkzoNobal Pakistan, Very Honorable guest very Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego, Vicar General of Archdiocese of Karachi, Mr. Amjad Gulzar, National Executive Director, Caritas Pakistan, Allam Ahsan Saddique, Director (ICPH), Mr. Kelash Sarhadi, MasterPeace Karachi and Mr. Mansha Noor, Executive Secretary, Caritas Pakistan Karachi painted the Wall of Connection with Peace Club members of St. Monica’s High School . including students, Teacher, Staffs of Dulux Paint, Caritas Karachi Staffs and MasterPaece Volunteers completed the Wall of Connection by painting the wall.

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