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Eternal mercy reflects God’s endless love, Archbishop Benny

Karachi: On the auspicious occasion of the 2nd Sunday of Easter, known as Divine Mercy Sunday (7th April 2024), His Grace Archbishop Benny Mario Travas graced the St. James Parish in Korangi Crossing, Karachi, with his presence to bless the newly constructed Marian Grotto. The ceremony unfolded in a traditional manner, with Archbishop Benny being welcomed with a vibrant display of cultural hospitality, including a bouquet presentation accompanied by rhythmic drumbeats.

The atmosphere was one of profound reverence and devotion as the faithful congregated in a procession before the newly erected Grotto, where Archbishop Benny bestowed his blessings upon both the structure and the assembled congregation. Amidst hymns of praise and thanksgiving, the faithful entered the church, their hearts uplifted in prayer and adoration.

The solemnity of the occasion was further elevated during the Holy Mass, presided over by Archbishop Benny Mario Travas, accompanied by Fr. Afzal Gulfam and Fr. Norbert Paul as con-celebrants. A multitude of faithful gathered in true religious fervor to partake in the sacrament and receive spiritual nourishment.

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In his homily, Archbishop Benny emphasized the boundless mercy of God, portraying it as an eternal testament to divine love and forgiveness. He encouraged the congregation to seek repentance, highlighting the transformative power of forgiveness and the sense of liberation it brings to the soul. Urging the faithful to humbly seek God’s mercy, Archbishop Benny invoked blessings upon all, fostering an atmosphere of reconciliation and renewal.

Following the Eucharist, Archbishop Benny consecrated the Tabernacle, a sacred vessel to be housed within the parish, symbolizing the enduring presence of Christ among his people.

Expressions of gratitude and devotion abounded as various groups and individuals came forward to offer tokens of appreciation to Archbishop Benny. Traditional gifts, including the Sindhi cap and the ornate Ajrak, along with bouquets of flowers, served as heartfelt gestures of love and respect towards the esteemed prelate.

In conclusion, Fr. Afzal Gulfam extended heartfelt thanks to all the faithful who generously contributed to the embellishment of the Marian Grotto and the Tabernacle. He commended the dedication of the various groups involved in enhancing the liturgical experience, underscoring the collaborative effort that enriched the spiritual tapestry of the parish.

The blessing of the Marian Grotto and the consecration of the Tabernacle stand as enduring symbols of faith, love, and mercy, inspiring the faithful to journey ever deeper into the boundless grace of God.

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