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Minority aspirations should be considered in GEs, Abp Joseph

Rawalpindi: The Christian community has demanded an increase in minority representation in upcoming general elections and the fielding of candidates on general seats as well. They have also said that minority aspirations should also be taken into account in general elections.

In a statement, Dr. Joseph Arshad, the Archbishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi said that holding of general elections in Pakistan is an important process for the promotion of democracy. All political leaders need to work together for the promotion of democracy and the prosperity and development of Pakistan. This is the beauty of democracy.

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The minority and other marginalized sections of society cannot be ignored in this process of elections. Therefore, for the integrity of minorities in society, their aspirations should also be taken into account in elections. All political parties should field minority candidates on general seats as well for the sake of true democracy so that democracy can be strengthened in Pakistan in a better way and the integrity of minorities in society can be strengthened.

He said that all political parties should make the protection of minority rights and their welfare a part of their manifesto for the general elections to be held in Pakistan. Dr. Joseph Arshad said that minority communities have played a key role in the development, prosperity, and rehabilitation of Pakistan since the movement for the creation of Pakistan.

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