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National Media Training Workshop Organized in Ayubia

Ayubia: From July 2 to 6, 2024, the Catholic Church in Khanspur, Ayubia, hosted a national media training workshop under the leadership of His Excellency, Bishop Dr. Joseph Arshad, Chairman of the National Commission for Communication and Signis, Pakistan, and Fr. Qaiser Feroz OFM, Director of Rabita Manzil, Lahore. The workshop attracted 40 media participants from across Pakistan, fostering a collaborative environment for enhancing media skills and ethical standards.

Day 1: Opening and Expert Sessions

The workshop commenced with insightful sessions by Professor Omar Shabir Ghmann from Bahria University Islamabad. He focused on “Content Production for Social Media and Ethics” and “News Projection,” emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations in media. Mr. Ayaz Morris contributed valuable insights into the challenges posed by digital media, setting the stage for the comprehensive training to follow.

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Day 2: Deep Dive into Digital Media

The second day saw media trainer Mr. Ayaz Morris delve into the intricacies of effective writing and video production for digital platforms. His session provided participants with practical skills to enhance their digital content. Fr. Qaiser Feroz highlighted the ethical dimensions of journalism, intertwining Christian values with the principles of truth, human dignity, freedom, peace, and unity. He also discussed strategies to combat the pervasive issue of fake news, stressing the responsibility of media professionals to uphold integrity.

Day 3: Documentary Filmmaking and Certification

Shazad Ghori from Radio Pakistan led an engaging session on the principles of documentary filmmaking on the third day. His expertise in proper voiceover techniques and modulation provided participants with the tools to create compelling and impactful documentaries. The day culminated with an address by Bishop Dr. Joseph Arshad, who emphasized the importance of ethical media practices. He concluded by distributing certificates to the participants, recognizing their commitment to professional development.
Here’s the translation:

On the same day, the inauguration ceremony of the Grotto of Mother Mary was held at the Catholic Church in Khanspur, Ayubia, under the leadership of His Grace Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad. Special prayers were offered for peace and security and a cake was cut to celebrate the occasion. This Marian Grotto was built 112 years after the establishment of the church. The event was attended by Fr Qaiser Feroz OFM, Fr. Nasir William, Parish Priest of Abbottabad Parish, Fr. Asif Sardar, Vicar General of Lahore, Fr. Anthony Abraz, Fr. Asif Malik, Dominican Sisters and the training participants.

Day 4: Historical Perspective and Recreational Activities

The final day featured Fr. Qaiser Feroz’s briefing on the history of media and its use by Catholic popes for evangelization. His insights provided a rich historical context, highlighting the enduring relationship between the Church and media. The workshop also included recreational activities, allowing participants to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of Ayubia.

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