Catholics in Pakistan
Diocese of Islamabad-Rawalpindi

Archbishop Joseph Arshad inaugurates new office of Caritas Pakistan at KPK Province

Peshawar: A new office of Caritas Pakistan has been established in KPK-Peshawar city. The office will work for the projects of Caritas Pakistan in the province of KPK. Mr. Titus Gill has been appointed as the Head of the Office.

The inauguration ceremony of the new office was held on 27 January 2022. His Excellency Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad (Bishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi), Amjad Gulzar, Executive Director Caritas, Pakistan, Kamran Sattar, Executive Secretary of CPIR, Fr. Sylvester Joseph, Executive Board Member CPIR and Fr. Tariq Mahmood, Parish Priest Peshawar City, graced the occasion. The program was started with the prayer by Fr. Tariq Mehmood.
Kamran Sattar welcomed all the Guests and explained the objectives of the establishment and roles and functions of the new office. Fr. Sylvester Joseph explained the vision of His Excellency in establishing the office and encouraged Caritas to play its role in the development process of the people in KPK. Mr. Amjad appreciated the work of Caritas Pakistan and explained the future plans of Caritas for different interventions in KPK as per the needs of the areas and the people. He also ensured his support, technical guidance and cooperation for the smooth functioning of the office. His Excellency Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad shared his commitment, vision and plans for the Peshawar circle of the diocese and stressed that the clergy and different institutions of the Church should work together for the uplift of not only the Christian community but all the people for integral development. At the end His Excellency inaugurated and blessed the center and prayed for its success and fulfillment of its vision for community development.

Inauguration of Health Center
On January 27, 2022, Caritas Pakistan Islamabad-Rawalpindi (CPIR) also established a new health Center at Chamkani Peshawar. Fr. Tariq Mehmood appreciated the vision and commitment of His Excellency for the work he is carrying out in the diocese for people without any discrimination. While highlighting the work of Caritas Pakistan, Amjad Gulzar, Executive Director Caritas Pakistan, appreciated the efforts of CPIR particularly in the establishment of health center under its thematic area of Health.
His Excellency Archbishop Joseph Arshad shared about the Church interventions for the betterment of lives of people without any cast and creed. He also shared that health is the basic and most important need and Church has always tried to make every possible effort for the well-being of its people. This health center will provide every needed health facility for several villages of Chamkani. His Excellency Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad inaugurated the health center and prayed for its successful operation.
At the end a tree was also planted jointly to complement the inauguration of the health center which also symbolizes its objectives combined with the promise of a bright future so the health center continue to grow in strength and reputation, like a well-rooted tree spreading its limbs and leaves upward and outward.

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