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Nurses embody faith in holistic care, Archbishop Joseph

The Faith Formation program, organized by the Diocesan Catechetical Centre of Islamabad Rawalpindi Diocese at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church on December 02, 2023, centered on the theme “Integration of Faith and Practice” within the nursing profession.

With over 130 active participants, the event commenced with a heartfelt prayer led by Fr. Amer Yaqoob, followed by a warm welcome from Fr. Sylvester Joseph, Parish Priest.

Mrs. Saiqa Faryad, Director outlined the day’s agenda, underscoring the profound importance of aligning faith with the noble vocation of nursing. The sessions, marked by depth and insight, included a discussion by Fr. Sarfraz Simon on the prophetic role of nurses and Col. Elizabeth Michael’s exploration of integrating faith into practical nursing.

St. Joseph’s Hospice, Westridge led a moving Advent hymn followed by an engaging quiz relating to the nursing profession and the advent season.

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The program culminated with a keynote address by His Excellency Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad, recognizing the pivotal role nurses play in embodying faith within their profession.

He said that nurses play a pivotal role in embodying faith within their profession by integrating spiritual values into the compassionate care they provide. Their commitment to healing extends beyond medical procedures, encompassing a holistic approach that acknowledges the spiritual and emotional dimensions of patients. By embracing empathy, kindness, and a sense of purpose inspired by their faith, nurses contribute significantly to creating healing environments and fostering the well-being of those they serve. This embodiment of faith in action not only enhances the quality of patient care but also reinforces the profound impact healthcare professionals can have on individuals during challenging moments of illness.

Fr. Sylvester Joseph expressed gratitude, leaving the attendees inspired and equipped with insights to integrate faith into their daily nursing practice.

A special prayer for the Year of the Laity was offered, concluding the program with the Archbishop’s final blessing.

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