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Oblates in Pakistan celebrate the Ordination of Two New Priests

Lahore: On 10th April 2024, Dn. Adil Shamaun OMI & Dn. Ikram Philipus OMI were ordained as priests by Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw OFM at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lahore. Archbishop Shaw led the Holy Mass, along with Fr. Khan Paulus OMI, Delegate Superior of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Fr. Gulshan Barkat OMI, Superior of the Oblate Scholasticate House, Karachi, Fr. Basharat Exupear OMI, recently elected Superior of the OMI, and Fr. Asif Sardar, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Lahore, among other priests. Relatives of the newly ordained priests and a large number of faithful attended the Mass, imbued with true religious spirit.

The first reading was from the 3rd Chapter of The First Book of Samuel, the second from the 2nd Chapter of St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, and the Gospel reading was taken from the Gospel of St. Luke.

In his homily, Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw OFM illuminated the sacred path that lies ahead for the newly ordained priests, Dn. Adil Shamaun OMI and Dn. Ikram Philipus OMI. With a tone of reverence and wisdom, Archbishop Shaw underscored the profound calling of priesthood, urging the ordinands to embrace their vocation with humility, dedication, and love.

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Archbishop Shaw drew upon the biblical narrative of Samuel the prophet, highlighting how Samuel, despite his initial unfamiliarity with God’s voice, eventually became a vessel for divine communication and guidance. This narrative served as a poignant reminder that the journey of priesthood is one marked by a continual listening to the voice of God, a surrendering to His will, and a willingness to be instruments of His grace and mercy in the world.

Furthermore, Archbishop Shaw emphasized the importance of embodying the disposition of Jesus Christ in the lives of the newly ordained priests. Just as Jesus exemplified traits of meekness, humility, and servanthood, so too must priests emulate these virtues in their interactions with others. Archbishop Shaw reminded the ordinands that their primary duty is to carry forward the message of Christ, to be agents of healing, reconciliation, and love in a world often fraught with division and strife.

Moreover, Archbishop Shaw urged the newly ordained priests to remain vigilant in their commitment to the Gospel, emphasizing the imperative of loving God and neighbor above all else. He underscored the significance of being ambassadors of Christ, ever attuned to the signs of the times and responsive to the needs of the community. In doing so, he reminded them that their ministry extends beyond the confines of the church walls, encompassing all facets of human experience and endeavor.

On the behalf of Fr. Ikram Raza OMI, Fr. Adil Shamaun OMI expressed gratitude to all who supported them during their journey to priesthood. He acknowledged the role of mentors, formators, and the prayers of the community in shaping their vocation. His heartfelt words reflected a deep sense of humility and dedication to their newfound calling.

At the conclusion, Fr. Khan Polous OMI extended heartfelt congratulations to the newly ordained priests. He expressed gratitude to God, Mother Mary, the saints, Archbishop Shaw, the formators, particularly Fr. Pervaiz Raza OMI, and all who graced today’s Mass, contributing to the success of this occasion.

About Newly Ordained Priests

Fr. Adil Shamaun OMI, born on October 7, 1994, in District Gojra, received his early education at M.C High School, Gojra. He joined the Oblate Juniorate in Multan in 2010 and completed his F.A examination there. He pursued his degree in Philosophy at St. Francis Xavier Seminary Lahore, graduating in 2017. After making his First Profession of Vows in Sri Lanka on August 22, 2019, he underwent his final profession on November 3, 2023, and was ordained as a Deacon the following day.

Fr. Ikram Philipus OMI, born on August 16, 1991, in District Kohat, received his early education from a public school. He excelled academically and joined the Oblate Juniorate in Multan in 2011, passing his F.A examination there. Like Fr. Adil, he pursued his degree in Philosophy at St. Francis Xavier Seminary Lahore, graduating in 2017. He made his First Profession of Vows in Sri Lanka on August 22, 2019, followed by his final profession on November 3, 2023, and ordination as a Deacon on November 4, 2023.

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