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Old testament is “Promises” & New Testament “Fulfillment”-Fr. Emmanuel Assi

Fr. Younas Shahzad:

Holy Rosary Parish Warispura organized a Bible Seminar on 7th December 2016 at 4.00PM in the church. Fr. Emmanuel Assi a well known Biblical Scholar, Founder of Maktaba-e-Anawim and Executive Secretory of Pakistan Catholic Bible Commission was invited to speak on the “Birth of Christ and Infancy Narratives”.

The program started with the welcome by Fr. Younas Shahzad OP (Parish Priest) to Fr Emmanuel Assi and his team who came all the way from Lahore and all the participants who who were present to attend the seminar. The participants included Dominican Fathers, Dominican Sisters, Medical Mission Sisters, Charity Sisters, Novices, teachers of various Schools, members of different parish groups and parishioners.

In the beginning the Holy Bible was brought in a procession and was enthroned on the Altar. Mr. George Clement (Ex-MNA) said the opening prayer followed by the Holy Bible by a Dominican Novice. Ms. Sana Iqbal introduced the activities of the Catholic Bible Commission. Then representatives from different areas of the parish lit the candles kept on altar near the Holy Bible.

Fr. Emmanuel Assi said that we can understand the Old testament in one word “Promises” and New Testament also in one word “Fulfillment”. He further said that all the prophesies of the Old Testament are fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son. The first two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew and Luke are the only sources to know about the child hood of Jesus Christ. Then he gave bible study on the “Infancy Narratives”.

At the end of the lecture Master James Lal and Sister Merceline Paul OP expressed their thoughts. Mr Abrar Younas the president of St. Jerome Bible study Group and Mr Dalawar an active member of this group presented gifts to Fr. Assi. Fr. Siddique Mark Sunder presented a token of appreciation to Fr. Emmanuel and Fr. Younas Shahzad OP thanked Fr. Assi, his team and all the participants.

At the end of the program Fr. Assi met the members of st. Jerome Bible study Group and appreciated their activities and assured them of his cooperation and guidance.

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