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Ordination of Br. Sunny Shahzad and Br. Riaz Haroon as Deacons

On the auspicious day of January 6, 2024, a profound ceremony took place at St. Thomas Apostle Minor Seminary in Faisalabad, marking a significant milestone in the spiritual journey of two devoted individuals. The Holy Mass, presided over by His Excellency Bishop Dr. Indrias Rahmat, was a momentous occasion filled with grace and solemnity.

In his insightful homily, Bishop Rahmat delivered a beautiful message, emphasizing the divine nature of service as a precious gift from God. The congregation gathered at the seminary listened attentively as the bishop shared words of wisdom, setting the tone for a day that would be etched in the memories of all present.

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The highlight of this joyous event was the ordination of Brother Sunny Shahzad and Brother Riaz Haroon as deacons. Their commitment to the service of God and the Church was acknowledged and celebrated with great reverence. The ceremony was a testament to their dedication, and the entire community joined in prayerful support for their continued journey towards priesthood.

The ordination ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished clergy members, including Fr. Abid Tanveer, Vicar General Faisalabad, Fr. Zafar Iqbal, Fr. Yunus Inayat, Fr. Khalid Mukhtar, Fr. Obaid Mathias, Fr. Shams, and Fr. Patrick OP. The collective presence of these spiritual leaders added to the sanctity of the occasion.

Both brothers, surrounded by their families, received the sacrament with humility and gratitude. Special prayers were offered for the divine guidance and blessings on their path towards priesthood. The community came together to express heartfelt congratulations to Br. Sunny Shahzad and Br. Riyaz Haroon, acknowledging their commitment to a life of service and devotion.

The ordination ceremony not only marked the individual journeys of these two brothers but also served as a reminder of the sacred bond that unites the community. As they embark on this new chapter in their spiritual lives, the entire congregation stands in solidarity, offering prayers for a fruitful and blessed ministry for Br. Sunny Shahzad and Br. Riyaz Haroon.

In conclusion, the ordination of Br. Sunny Shahzad and Br. Riyaz Haroon as deacons in Faisalabad was a moment of joy, reflection, and spiritual significance. May their dedication inspire others on their own paths of faith, and may the blessings of this sacred occasion resonate throughout the community for years to come.

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