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Palm Sunday in Catholic Churches across Pakistan

Sunday before Easter that honors Jesus’ victorious entry into Jerusalem riding a donkey, a week before his crucifixion on Good Friday and, after that, his resurrection.

The name “Palm Sunday” has been derived from Bible verses that described how Palm branches were laid down on Jesus’ path while he rode into Jerusalem and people also waved them as they are considered to be a sign of peace and triumph.

It was a great time to witness Christ as a ‘King’ and ‘Savoir’ of the whole humanity.
No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.

Palm Sunday was celebrated in Churches across Pakistan. Here are some of the pictures we have collected for you from major cities of Pakistan.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lahore (Fr. Jahanzeb Iqbal)

2. St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Rawalpindi

3. St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Hyderabad-Pakistan (Photos: Paul Bhutto)

4. Cathedral of the Most Holy Redeemer, Multan (Photos: Babu Asif Raza)

5. St. Eugene Parish, Quetta (Photos: Haroon Sadiq)

6. St. Joseph’s Parish, Attari-Sialkot

7. Holy Rosary Parish, Faisalabad

8. St. James Parish, Sialkot (Photos: Fr. Philip John)

9. St. John Marry Vianney Church, Christ the King Parish, Quetta (Photos: Asmoon Frederick Ghauri)

10. St. John’s Parish, Youhanabad-Lahore (Photos: Naveed Yousaf)

11. St. Columban’s Parish Lahore

12. St. Mark’s Parish, Gujranwala (Photos: Fr. Tariq George)

13. St. Joseph’s Parish, Gujranwala (Photos: Asif Nazir/Catholics in Pakistan)

14. Mariakhel Parish (Photos: Fr. Fabian Paul)

15. Essa Nagri, Karachi (Photos: Fr. Bernard Younas Bhatti OFM)

16. Christ the King Seminary, Karachi

18. St. Elizabeth Parish, Hyderabad-Pakistan

19. Mariamabad Parish (Photo: Fr. Benny)

20. Westridge Parish Rawalpindi

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