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The prayer house is a haven of blessings, Archbishop Benny

Karachi (Suriya Gill): On January 24, 2024, the parishioners of St. John the Baptist Church in Karachi experienced immense joy as Archbishop Benny Mario Travas graced the groundbreaking ceremony of their new church. Last year, on October 23, 2022, a piece of land was acquired through the tireless efforts of Fr. Anthony Abraz and the support of Archbishop Benny Mario Travas to accommodate the growing congregation.

The ceremony commenced with fervent prayers, Psalms, and the reading of Holy Scriptures. Archbishop Benny Travas commended Fr. Anthony Abraz’s dedication and extended congratulations on the commencement of the church’s construction. Drawing parallels to the biblical figures King David and King Solomon, he emphasized the significance of erecting this house of worship to invite divine blessings through prayer.

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The formal groundbreaking ceremony ensued with Archbishop Benny Travas breaking the ground followed by Fr. Anthony, Fr. Asif Liaqat, Fr. Barnabas George, Regional Master Saleem Aziz, and esteemed elders of the church. A moment of anticipation arrived as the curtain was lifted, revealing the envisioned structure of the new church, evoking congratulations from the parishioners towards Fr. Anthony.

Concluding the ceremony, Fr. Anthony Abraz conveyed heartfelt gratitude to Archbishop Benny Mario Travas, the pastoral team, and the faithful congregation. The celebratory occasion concluded with the distribution of sweets, marking a significant milestone in the journey of St. John the Baptist Church.

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