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Priest nurtures spiritual growth in the church, Bishop Samson

Hyderabad (Master Shaukat Shahzad): On Wednesday, November 22, 2023, a special Holy Mass of ordination to the Priesthood of Fr. Amon Nathaniel. was held at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Hyderabad, The Holy Mass was presided over by His Excellency Bishop Samson Shukardin while Fr. Sabir and Fr. James Castellino were the con-celebrants. Several priests, sisters, and the faithful from the Diocese of Hyderabad also attended the Mass.

In his homily, Bishop Shukardin said that a priest has an important job. They need to give their time to the church, help people with their spiritual growth, and be there for the sick, poor, and needy. A priest plays a big role in making the church better.

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After the Mass, everyone showed their happiness and love for Fr. Amon Nathaniel. They gave him traditional Sindhi items like a special cap, Ajrak, and colorful flower garlands. It was a joyful moment for everyone.

This day marked a special moment for the Diocese of Hyderabad. Deacon Nathaniel becoming a priest is a big step for the church. It shows how the church is growing, and the priests and people are working together to make their community better.

As Fr. Amon Nathaniel starts his new role, everyone in the Diocese of Hyderabad is excited to see how the church will continue to grow and help the people under the guidance of their priests

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