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Priesthood life is about unwavering service, Bishop Indrias

Faisalabad: On 2nd September, 2023, a significant event transpired within the hallowed confines of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Faisalabad. The Holy Mass of Priesthood of two deacons was presided over by His Excellency, Bishop Dr. Indrias Rehmat, Bishop of Faisalabad.

Amidst this sacred gathering, the Bishop Dr. Indrias Rahmat orchestrated the Holy Mass, imparting a profoundly enriching spiritual discourse to the devout congregation. His sermon was imbued with a poignant message, emphasizing the essence of priesthood as a vocation grounded not in status or accolades, but in unwavering service, selfless sacrifice, and boundless love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop Rahmat fervently urged the clergy to emulate the compassionate example set by Pope Francis, who articulated that the flock should be intimately connected to their spiritual shepherds. Consequently, priests were enjoined to draw near to the faithful, diligently attending to their trials, tribulations and concerns. Furthermore, the bishop exhorted the congregation to honor and respect their priests while actively participating in their mission of service.

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As an integral facet of this divine worship, the faithful congregants took a momentous opportunity to commemorate the thirty-year Priestly Ordination Anniversaries of five clergymen: Fr. Khalid Yousaf, Fr. Wasim Walter, Fr. Joseph George, Fr. Shafiq Hadayat, and Fr. Isaac Paul. In a gesture of deep appreciation, they were each bestowed with shields as tokens of recognition for their unwavering dedication and service to the Church.

Priesthood life is about unwavering service, Bishop Indrias

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The Vicar General of Faisalabad, Fr. Abid Tanveer, extended a heartfelt welcome to all those present, conveying gratitude to the Divine for bestowing upon them the precious gift of priests, thereby ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of the sacred ministry. Fr. Masood added his voice to this sentiment, underscoring the immeasurable value of the priesthood. Without these dedicated individuals, the sanctified presence of the Holy Eucharist, the body, and blood of Jesus Christ, would remain unattainable. Thus, a perpetual attitude of thanksgiving towards the Almighty, the conduit of this divine grace, was encouraged.

In closing, Fr. Rashid Sadiq extended sincere gratitude to all who had contributed to the success of this momentous event, acknowledging the collective effort and dedication that made this sacred gathering a resounding success.

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