Catholics in Pakistan
Diocese of Faisalabad

6th Provincial Chapter of St. Joseph’s Province of Pakistan

The 6th Provincial Chapter of St. Joseph’s Province in Pakistan, held from December 29, 2023, to January 09, 2024, was a spiritually enriching and purposeful gathering. The chapter commenced with a Eucharistic Celebration, setting a tone of reverence and devotion throughout the proceedings.

The Feast of Epiphany of the Lord was a highlight, marked by a unique offertory where three kings from different continents symbolized the universal message of synodality and inter-culturality brought by Jesus Christ. This theme resonated in the subsequent days, as the assembly delved into refining action lines, discussing amendments, and sharing insights on effective communication in the digital era.

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The chapter included sessions of prayer, reflection, and group work, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and discernment. The engagement with Biblical verses, discussions on principles, and the use of multimedia presentations added depth to the deliberations.

Significant milestones occurred during the chapter, such as the election of Sr. M. Parveen Lal as the new Prioress Provincial. The emotional day was filled with joy and a sense of responsibility among the assembly members.

The chapter also honored the Feast day of Mother Gerine Fabre, the founder, with reflections on the presence of the Holy Spirit. Lectio divina, economic reports, and sharing of gifts underscored the importance of unity and the institute’s mission.

The assembly closed with gratitude and prayer, encapsulating the spirit of the chapter. The diverse activities, ranging from Eucharistic celebrations to strategic planning sessions, reflected a commitment to both spiritual growth and practical organization.

As the Feast of Mother Gerine was celebrated during the chapter, it served as a poignant reminder of the institute’s roots and the call to continue spreading its mission. The chapter provided a platform for the Sisters to come together, share their insights, and collectively shape the future of St. Joseph’s Province in Pakistan.

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