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Sacrament of Confirmation at Sacred Heart Parish, Quetta

Quetta, November 19, 2023 – On a radiant Sunday morning, 37 children were joyfully confirmed at the Sacred Heart Parish, surrounded by a congregation of enthusiastic parishioners. The sacred ceremony was presided over by His Excellency Bishop Khalid Rehmat, with the gracious assistance of Fr. Basharat (OMI) and Fr. Jeremiah Rafiq.

The solemn Holy Mass, a pivotal part of the confirmation ceremony, was celebrated by Bishop Khalid Rehmat, who emphasized the significance of confirmation through a lens grounded in the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. In his enlightening sermon, the Bishop conveyed that through the sacrament of confirmation, the children had undergone a purification process by the Holy Spirit, now equipped to embrace and fulfill their spiritual responsibilities.

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The Bishop took a moment to extend heartfelt congratulations to the parents, teachers, and the clergy members, Fr. Jeremiah Rafiq and Fr. Basharat, for their pivotal roles in guiding and supporting the children on their spiritual journey.

Post-Mass, a touching moment ensued as the confirmed children and their parents expressed their gratitude and love by presenting gifts to Bishop Khalid. This gesture symbolized the deep appreciation for the spiritual guidance bestowed upon their children.

In closing, Fr. Jeremiah Rafiq extended warm thanks to Bishop Khalid Rehmat and Fr. Basharat for gracing the occasion with their presence and for administering the sacrament of confirmation. He further expressed gratitude to the parents, teachers, and the entire congregation, highlighting their collective effort in making the day both blessed and festive.

The confirmation ceremony at Sacred Heart Parish in Quetta stands as a poignant reminder of the importance of faith, community, and the collective responsibility we share in nurturing the spiritual growth of the younger generation.

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