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Sacrament strengthens, and fostering spiritual growth, Abp. Benny

Karachi (Noreen Shahid): On November 14, 2023, Divine Mercy Church in Bhataiabad celebrated a significant event under the guidance of Parish Priest, Fr. Nazar Nawab, joined by Fr. Shehzad Peter, Fr. Rashid Aslam and the dedicated pastoral team. A total of 90 boys and girls were solemnly confirmed in the sacrament, a ceremony presided over by His Grace Archbishop Benny Mario Travas.

The parishioners joyously welcomed Archbishop Travas with traditional fervor, including drums, music, and the melodic tones of shehnai. Expressing heartfelt devotion and respect, the Archbishop received a bouquet of flowers, a garland, and a Sindhi shawl in the time-honored manner. The catechism school children contributed to the warm reception by presenting a heartfelt welcome and showering flower petals.

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Following the warm welcome, the worship unfolded with a sense of reverence and devotion. The children who received confirmation actively participated in the Holy Mass, demonstrating their deep faith and passion.

In his inspiring message, Archbishop Travas expressed gratitude to the parents and teachers for instilling Christian values in the children through years of love, affection, hard work, and dedication. He directed his attention to the young confirmands, emphasizing their role as the future of the church. Archbishop Travas encouraged them to embrace humility and meekness, embodying the teachings of Jesus as true disciples.

Fr. Nazar Nawab delivered closing remarks, extending gratitude to Archbishop Benny Mario Travas, the pastoral team, teachers, parents, various groups, the faithful parishioners, and the administration for their collective efforts in making this occasion memorable. The event showcased a harmonious blend of tradition, spirituality, and community celebration.

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