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Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent

Br. Andrew Javed
Christ the King Seminary, Karachi.

Advent is the season of blessings, preparation, asking forgiveness, and welcoming Christ into our lives. We started to meditate on Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. The beauty of this season is that every Sunday we light the candle on specific themes to reflect on it for a whole week. In the 2nd week of Advent, we light the candle of Peace.

The word “Peace” is derived from the Hebrew word “Shalom” which means wholeness and completeness. It is not being silent in our lives but actually, it is a grace of God in our lives, and in the Holy Eucharist we also share “Peace of Christ” with one another because we are in the most need of Peace of Christ.

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This season invites us to prepare ourselves to bring peace to us, in our families, and in our societies. For this, we need to have Jesus who is coming because He Himself is Peace. But the most important thing we need to do is to ask forgiveness because the King who is coming is full of peace. So, we should welcome Him with full preparation and ask for pardon for our sins. As we hear in the coming Sunday Gospel that St. John the Baptist is preparing a path for Christ and proclaiming to repent. The repentance we do is not for God or Jesus but for ourselves. This repentance is to change our lives for the welcoming of Christ in the world as well as in our lives.

Let us prepare ourselves for the King of Peace who is to come so that we may become the source of peace among our communities, families, and within ourselves. May this blessed season form us like Christ and fill us with peace so that we prepare ourselves for His comings and welcome Him in the cribs of our hearts. Through Christ our Lord. (Amen).

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