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St. Mary’s Church, Dubai condemns Jaranwala incident

Dubai: On 18th August 2023, a condemnation press release was issued by Fr. Abid Habib OFM, Spiritual Director St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Dubai (Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia). He demanded strict action against the culprits involved in the incident and restoration of the houses of the Christians and return all their valuable belongings.
Complete text of the press release is given below

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Press Release

On 18th Aug 2023, (Friday) The Pakistani Christians gathered together in St. Mary’s Church, Dubai for the weekly Urdu Holy Mass. We all intended to celebrate Independence day as Aug 14 has just passed. In connection with this the Pakistani Christian Community decided to dedicate this day for the Peace and prosperity of the nation. We were planning the program when the unfortunate incident of Aug 16, 2023 took place in Jaranwala that filled us with great sorrow and has left us with an everlasting scar on us all.

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On that day after hearing a false accusation that the Holy Quran was desecrated, a great mob that was full of rage, and hatred entered the Christian Settlements of Jaranwala and desecrated all the Churches and entered the houses of Christians and destroyed all their belongings and took off with their expensive belongings. Countless number of Bibles and other Holy Books that were in the churches were burnt, the Alters and along with all the furniture of the churches were broken and eventually burnt. The crosses on the Churches were dropped down. They then entered the Christian cemetery and desecrated the graves by breaking all the crosses on the graves. Hearing this horrible and terrible news, the Pakistani Christian Community in the Emirates was full of sorrow.

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We, who were enthusiastically wanting to celebrating Independence Day decided to celebrate the day in sorrow. In great sorrow we prayed for those responsible for this terrorist attack, for the terrorists, for the innocent Christians who lost all their houses and property and for our country Pakistan. We prayed that May the Lord grant some wisdom and sense to the terrorists and their leaders, show them the true path and teach them to be peaceful and consider each and everyone as a brother and sister.

We appeal to the Government of Pakistan for the following:

1. All the Culprits be brought to book.

2. The Imams of the mosques, the announcers who instigated the masses to come out to destroy the Christian Settlements need to be punished and dismissed.

3. Restore the houses of the Christians and return all their valuable belongings.

4. We appeal to the Law Makers of the country to make amendments in the Constitution and the Laws of the state. Remove all the articles and laws that divide and segregate the people and introduce such laws that will foster equality and harmony among the citizens.

St. Mary's Church, Dubai condemns Jaranwala incident
St. Mary’s Church, Dubai condemns Jaranwala incident

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