Catholics in Pakistan
Beliefs And Teachings

These three things are a must in every Catholic home except the Catholic Bible.

1- A Cross in the image of the Crucified Jesus.

Every house should have a cross in the image of the crucified Jesus. The cross reminds us that this house is holy and reserved for the Lord. Those who enter the house are blessed by the cross. This is also the constitution of the Church that the sign of the cross should be hung in every room of the house. The purpose of marking the cross on the doorstep of the house is to show that the Lord Jesus Christ is ruling this Christian house. Where the Lord rules evil forces cannot enter. The sign of the cross is also a sign that the Lord is given priority in this house. So make sure you have a cross in your home right now.

2- A picture of the pure heart of Jesus

Every Catholic home should have a picture of the pure heart of Jesus. Through it, family sanctification takes place. Which is according to the will of our Lord. Because the Lord promised the Blessed Margaret Mary that “My heart is the source of all blessings. Where the image of My pure heart will be placed I will bless those places and it will be loved and respected.” By painting a picture of a pure heart, a sanctified family accepts the divine sovereignty of our Lord. Try to have a picture of Jesus’ pure heart in every home.

3- A picture of the Holy Mother Mary

Every Catholic house should have a picture of the Holy Mother Mary. Because the Holy Mother is a special part of our family, the image of the Holy Mother Mary is the identity of the Catholic family. The Lord Jesus Christ saw His mother and His beloved disciple John standing by the cross. So he said to his mother, “Woman, look at your son.” Then He said to the disciple, “Look, your Mother”. In the Holy Gospel it is written that from that time the disciple took her (Holy Mary) with him. Saint Mary is now the mother of every Christian, and every Christian is her child. Therefore, every Catholic family should place the Holy Mary in their home.

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