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Two brothers professed their first vows as Capuchin Friars

Lahore (Asif Nazir): Two brothers professed their first vows as Capuchin Friars and six brother renew their 2nd profession of vow at St. Francis Catholic Church, Kot Lakhpat-Lahore on September 22, 2020.

The vows ceremony was attended by a number of friars, including Capuchin and Conventual Franciscan friars and novices, who journeyed from their nearby novitiates to witness the ceremony, along with members of the parish church at the Mission.

The order of the Mass was;

First Reading was from Proverbs 21: 1-6, 10-13
Gospel; Luke: 8: 19-21

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Complete text of Homily by Fr. Abid Habib OFM Cap

“Dear all I heartily congratulate our brothers who have been chosen for their first professions, our 6 brothers on the renewal of their vows. I am also thankful to your families for their continuous support for they have permitted you to be a part of the order of capuchin friars”.

“It’s a joyous moment for all of us Fr. Francis, choir, altar servers this mass being important that our brothers will promise a life that mirrors poverty, humility and obedience. Let us pray God gives them the courage to live in poverty. All that we have is not just our own, it belongs to all of us. Let us pray to Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, St. Francis, St. Clare and to all the saints that we do not become self-centered instead we care for each other”.

“If we all work for the greater good then none of us would need to profess. Our brothers will pray to God for obedience. It was Jesus Christ’s obedience which makes every sinner confess that He is God. Therefore, we must be obedient first to God, then to this order of friars. Being obedient to God reflects that we are committed to live and serve according to his will. Loving our neighbor means to love God. Our love should not be bound to a particular family instead our love should be for everyone. Our vows are interlinked, breaking one means breaking all. Loving your neighbor shows obedience to God through fulfilling his vows”.

Fr. Abid Habib OFM Cap, Custos of the Mariam Siddiqua Custody Pakistan accepted the ‘First’ vows of:
Br. Eric Victor, Mariakhel Parish (Islamabad-Rawalpindi Diocese).
Br. Polus Masih, Toba Tek Singh, Faisalabad Diocese.

Fr. Abid Habib OFM Cap also accepted the 2nd vow of the six brothers who renew their profession of vow. The names of the brothers are; Br. Amir Bashir, Br. Ishaq Niaz, Br. Zarak Iqbal, Br. Irfan Yousaf, Br. Sosheel Gill and Br Jabran Jhon.

After each student friar made his vows, he was presented a new cord for his habit. Instead of the simple cord with no knots worn by their novices Fr. Ijaz Bashir OFM Cap, the newly-professed friar was dressed with a cord that had the three knots representing the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

After Mass the eight brothers signed the Register of Profession in the presence of Fr. Henry Paul OFM Cap and Fr. Francis Sabir OFM Cap who acted as witnesses.

After all eight had made their profession of vows, the new brothers received the congratulations of the provincial ministers, the novitiate formation team, and then from all the assembled friars, including the Conventual and Capuchin novices who had shared many novitiate experiences with the newly-professed.

The newly-professed friars will continue their spiritual study at Capuchin House Lahore.

(Picture: Facebook page of Fr. Henry Paul OFM Cap)

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