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We must use the eyes of Faith to see Jesus Christ, Fr. Ashraf Gill

Gujranwala (Ashraf Gill):
It was a special day on Sunday, November 13 when 40 students at St. Joseph High School, Francisabad-Gujranwala celebrated the Sacrament of First Holy Communion at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Francisabad Gujranwala.

Fr. Ashraf Gill presided over the Eucharist Mass. A large number of faithful believers attended the Holy Mass. In his homily he said, “It is important to pay attention to all that goes on at the altar, to sing along, to answer the prayers along with everyone, to listen, and during the silence, to pray”, he continued.

“Today, Jesus also wants to open your eyes to recognize him in the Eucharist. In order to see him, you must use your eyes of faith. Faith is a special gift which God has given to you and to every Christian who has been baptized. Faith allows you to see things as God sees them. Other people who do not have faith only see bread and wine. But if you have faith as your parents and godparents and all the people gathered here have faith, then you would see Jesus in this Eucharist” he ended.

Francisabad is a Christian colony in district Gujranwala. It is situated approximately 80 kms in the west away from Lahore, the Provincial Capital of Punjab-Pakistan. One of the oldest mission stations of Archdiocese of Lahore. Pastoral team especially Apostolic Carmellite sisters helped in preparing the children for the Holy Communion.

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