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Youth Seminar, You Are the Light of the World

Hyderabad: A transformative youth seminar was organized on 18th November 2023, at Immaculate Parish Kotri, Hyderabad, within the vibrant Diocese of Sindh, Pakistan. Themed “You Are the Light of the World,” the event drew together a diverse group of young individuals, both boys and girls, representing various walk of life. Organized under the thoughtful guidance of Parish Priest Fr. Younis Hussain OFM and Fr. Perkho Sono OFM, the seminar aimed to instill a sense of purpose and enthusiasm among the youth.

Attendance and Participation:
The seminar witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 175 youth members from across the parish in attendance. Eager and spirited, the participants were ready to actively engage in the enriching activities planned for the day

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Speakers and Topics:
Fr. Perkho Sono OFM set the tone with an inspiring introduction, encouraging the youth to embrace learning and sustained motivation for their contributions to the Kingdom of God. The esteemed Fr. Bernard Bhatti OFM, a specially invited speaker, delved into the challenging theme, “You Are the Light of the World.” His discourse emphasized the profound statement made by Jesus, urging attendees to understand their Christian faith, recognize their identity as faithful Catholic Christians, and perceive everything in the illuminating light of Christ. Additional speakers from the parish shared personal success stories, providing valuable insights and inspiration to the youth.

The seminar witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 175 youth members
The seminar witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 175 youth members

Creative Presentations:
The talented youth showcased their innate talents and skills through small dramas depicting daily life in the Christian society. These performances offered practical insights into how individuals can enhance their lives and contribute to building a better society, fostering a sense of responsibility and citizenship.

Distinguished Guest:
The youth program welcomed the presence of His Excellency, Bishop Samson Shukardin OFM, of the Hyderabad Diocese. The Bishop, adorned with garlands, a Sindhi cap, and agrak, graced the event to offer guidance and encouragement to the youth. His presence added a significant spiritual dimension to the youth seminar.

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